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The successes we achieve are built on a foundation of trust we establish with both our clients as well as our candidates. We always put our long-term relationships before any short-term gains for a fee. When we give you a candidate or recommend you take an offer, you can rest assured that we have provided you with sound guidance.


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Welcome to Sunny Hollow Careers

Our Recruitment Consultant Services

We offer full lifecycle recruiting and staffing services across multiple industries including agriculture, information technology, software, healthcare, finance, energy, biotech, construction, & more! We also offer Employee Support for your company if you are going through layoffs


Service Advantages

Qualified Candidates

As your business grows, Sunny Hollow Careers can cut your time and money spent on searching for candidates.

Increase Flexibility

We specialize in finding those hard to find candidates. Spend your time focused on qualified candidates vs. hunting.

Improve Productivity & Retention

Sunny Hollow Careers has a history of increasing retention rates for companies by an average of 63%.


Things You Need to Know

  • 01.What kind of services do you offer?

    We offer business consulting, recruitment, and staffing services.

  • 02. What if I have more than one role to hire for?

    We can help! We work with companies of all sizes – and offer discounts for multiple hires!

  • 03. What does your process look like?

    We want to make sure your needs are met. We start with discussing your needs, contract signing, and then we get to work finding you your candidates. Every company is different so we adjust our communication methods to meet your needs. We truly focus on a personalized approach.

  • 04 What is your average time to hire?

    Typically we have candidates signing offer letters within 45 days.

  • 05 Do you offer guarantees?

    Yes! We guarantee our candidates for a minimum of 60 days – we want you to feel confident as we are in the candidates we bring to you.

  • 06 What is your pricing?

    Our pricing varies based on your needs. We offer our pricing upfront to all of our clients so you can make informed decisions right away.

  • 07 We need assistance improving our hiring process – can you help?

    Absolutely! We offer business consulting services that look at your process to help your company improve your hiring processes.

  • 08 We are a start-up – can you help?

    Yes! No matter how big or small – we are here to help!

  • 09 Our company is laying off employees – can you offer services to help our employees?

    Yes! We offer services to help your employees find new positions through new resumes, career coaching, and job search assistance.


What Are You Looking For?

Whether you are a candidate or company – Sunny Hollow Careers can help!