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Quite coming up with excuses on why you can’t change. Invest in the person that you never give enough credit too, yourself!

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As a professional life coach, I aid in identifying the problems preventing you from self-growth, achieving goals, and living your best life. Then we formulate a plan to overcome these issues and take the necessary steps to attain what you seek.

Together, you’ll be provided with the space and nourishment needed to let the best version of yourself flourish.

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We have a variety of services with expert experience catered to your career goals


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4 weeks $850

12 weeks $2250

26 weeks paid upfront $4k

26 week payment plan $4400 (paid every three months)

52 weeks paid upfront $7k

52 weeks payment plan $8600 (paid every three months)

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Services To Meet Your Unique Needs

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Goal Setting/Achieving and Self-Discipline

What goal do you want to achieve? We craft a personalized plan of action to keep you motivated, disciplined, and on the path to succeeding in whatever you desire!

Self-Esteem, Confidence, Self-Discovery, and Life Direction

Boost your self-confidence! Explore topics, thoughts, scenarios you never seen yourself taking on. Change the negative factors holding you back and become the person you’ve always wanted to be!

Burnout and Stress Management; Positive Habits

Stress and burnout is a real thing. If you've experienced this yourself, you know what poor effects it can take on your health both physically and mentally. Your attitude can also be altered making the others around you, well, not want to be around you. Together, we will examine the factors taking these tolls on you and work to relieve them, all while adding lasting positive habits in your life.


Relationships are difficult. From time to time we all need advice navigating them. The rough patches can be weathered and a loving, fulfilling future with that special someone can still be had! After some reflection and effort, the relationship can be restored; or possibly you discover your higher self-worth.  

Productivity and Time Management

Efficiency = More Time, plain and simple. Let's explore how we can increase your productivity and time management, giving you more light in the day for the things that truly matter in life.

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Things You Need to Know

  • 01 What kinds of services are offered?

    Sunny Hollow Careers offers professionally written Resumes that are ATS compliant as well as Cover Letters, LinkedIn Optimizations, Interview Preparation, Career Coaching, Job Search Strategies, & More!

  • How quickly can we get started?

    Right on day 1!

  • Will I be passed around to multiple people?

    No! You are valued and will work with our founder from START to FINISH!

  • 04 What if I am not receiving interviews?

    We are with you for the long-haul! We will address issues that may be causing the lack of interviews and help you navigate job searching.

  • 05 Are your plans all the same for everyone?

    No! We customize our coaching plans to each individual.

  • 06 What is your success rate?

    88% of our candidates receive offer letters by week 12 in our coaching program.

  • 07 Are you specialized in certain industries?

    With over 11,000 candidates to date – we have touched *almost* every job you can think of!

  • 08 I’m from outside of the US – can you help me?

    Yes! Sunny Hollow Careers serves global markets!

  • 09 Do you offer help for Entry Level Candidates?

    Yes! We can help you from a new resume to developing a career path!

  • 10 I am an executive – can you help?

    Yes! 68% of our candidates are executive level!


What Are You Looking For?

Whether you are a candidate or company – Sunny Hollow Careers can help!